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here ya go beautifully—fragile. I tried gifing Dark Harbor….but my copy of the movie sucks really bad. Sorry. He’s still pretty adorable though…Damn the way he licks that cigarette paper…it’s just wow.

(I haven’t watched much past this scene yet because the copy of the movie is so bad…so whenever I eventually finish it or find a new copy I’ll make more :-D )

I’m pretty sure if you contact nonormynolife she might be able to set you up with a viewable version of it. I can’t remember for sure but no harm trying eh.






oh babies i want to kiss thier boo boos better <3 mistressmacmanus scruffylookingpiratecaptain gratuitous-violence-reedus basswipe daryls-lil-fighter proud-mom85 darkangelz87 

U and me both! I’ll let u have Andy tho, I want Daryl! I’d make him feel no pain ;)

Ha! I volunteered to kiss the boo boo first I get Norman first then we trade. Sharing is caring .’)

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